The waiting

Because I am no longer working, I'm staying busy with errands and household projects ... "nesting", as they call it.

I've become more aware as to why this happens to us women, when we are this pregnant. We are about to welcome a new member of the family, a permanent member, a vulnerable member. It's important to have things in order, make a good first impression.

As I wait, instead of over-obsessing with the thought of birth , I have tried to find things to keep me occupied. I pick one household project to do each day, I run one errand and I spend a few hours on the computer or at the couch with reading material. The rest of the time I'm exhausted, so I nap. Hey, I figure once this "member" moves in, he/she will not allow for much napping, or a flexible schedule.

I actually can not remember the last time I had "time" to give to myself like this. It's nice to wake up in the morning and have the day to do what I wish ... the FREEDOM. Because after the waiting, there will be no more freedom. It will be better, but different ...