Induction theatre

Waiting around for the baby to show up, especially when it's the first, is slow going. Every pain, every movement keeps me awake thinking it's almost time ...

Recently I've been receiving advice from friends about induction rituals. It's all luck, obviously, but I'd like to think one of these suggestions could do the trick?

Go on a long walk !
Lyon Street stairs !
Eat Spicy Popeyes Chicken !
Acupuncture !

Then Todd read about a woman who went into labor while watching "Raging Bull", thus starting our now nightly movie-rental-induction experiment.

Raging Bull
Three Men & a Baby
Chocolat (watched this twice)
Steel Magnolias
The Natural (tomorrow's feature)

Alas, if Hollywood doesn't help, I go in for Pitocin on the 14th ...