Name game

The NCAA final was on tonight, and because we live in the west, it was over before our night began. Good TV is hard to come by these days ... Instead, Todd found a "popular baby names" app, and we began a serious chat about starting our name list.
Here is what we learned: a baby-naming app makes it impossible to have a serious conversation about naming your baby.
First, we learned that 1 in every 145 people have the surname "Johnson" ... 1 in every 45,000 people have the surname "Campo". (duh)

The most popular girl names today, were popular back in the 1800s :

Nothing wrong with these, but they pair rather boring with "Johnson", currently our number one obstacle.
Then he found a unique list of boy names, which he delighted in sharing out loud with periodic giggles :


This went on for about an hour. We laughed, shared a few stories of other uniquely named, then we actually saved a few we liked. But we're not sharing these until it's time.