Almost famous

Last week I was pictured in Fast Company magazine, for some recent work I produced for eBay. This article was suppose to also feature some of my design colleagues, who all worked together to produce an interactive concept for the iPad, featuring eBay Fashion and live media shopping. Instead, I was singled out, and glorified amongst other eBay execs. Hmm.

The photo shoot took place when I was 22 weeks. My 'bump' was there, but carefully hidden here, by my killer, tough-guy pose. Of course, being the subject matter myself, I'm allowed to be the most critical, as I look at this and think, "YEP. I'm pregnant alright."


Not the best timing to be chosen for your first magazine appearance, let alone, be placed next to the CEO in the layout. But I'll take it, especially if Matt Damon is helping sell it.