15 weeks

Today marks 15 weeks, just about 4 months, into the pregnancy.

I've enjoyed receiving my email notices from BabyCenter.com, to inform me of these weekly milestones. Each week, the email shares little facts about the growing babe, as well as updates on what I should be eating, or not eating. I still have a sugar craving, which is starting to dissipate ... perhaps the "apple" reference is a hint to eat more fruit.

At 15 weeks, the babe is now the size of an apple. The legs are growing longer than the arms, and all of the joints are functional. Some women claim to "feel" the baby moving as early as now, however, this is not the case with me. I'm not even really "showing" yet, unless you consider "showing" a bloated stomach, and a slight disappearance of my waist.

I'm still somewhat able to wear my normal clothes, which is slightly uncomfortable. I do have a larger-sized pair of jeans that keep me comfortable, and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing these until I figure out how to buy a decent looking maternity pair online.